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Panorama of Granada

Experience Granada, Spain for a semester through Arcadia University 

So you're interested in studying abroad.... now what?

Studying abroad at Hollins is a rewarding, defining learning experience for students, and with over 30+ programs offered, there are a wide array of program lengths, locations, and objectives to consider before submitting your study abroad application. Here are 4 actions to take before you start your application to a study abroad program:


1. Review study abroad programs on Hollins' Study Abroad site (click 'List of Affiliated Programs' on left side menu)

By browsing the course catalogues for different study abroad programs, you can see important information which you should consider in your study abroad program, such as cost, academic focus, language requirements, GPA requirements, internship availability, etc.

London brochure

2. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your required Hollins coursework

Study abroad programs should supplement your academic studies at Hollins, not hinder them! Make sure that you are on track to complete your major/minor courses, and that your requirements can be met through the courses offered abroad. For many of our partner/affiliate programs, course syllabi can be found on their websites, which you can navigate to through the brochure pages.

To see which courses from our partner/affiliate programs which have been pre-approved by Hollins' Registrar's Office already, please click here

registrar's list

With this information, you will be able to discuss with your academic advisor which program and courses may be right for your abroad experience.


3. Apply for/renew your passport

Your passport is the most important document throughout your study abroad application and program experience, as it will serve as proof of identity, citizenship, and, if a visa is needed for your program, the right to study and/or work abroad. 

* Due to processing delays caused by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the US State Department and Passport Agency estimate an 8-11 week processing time for all new and renewed passport applications. Please note, the 8-11 weeks timeframe starts from when the State Department receives your documents via snail mail. It could take an additional month for your mail to arrive and be processed as received by the State Department due to delays in the postal service. 

Because of this, it is highly recommended that you apply for/renew your passport well in advance of your program start date. For more information on how to apply for/renew a passport, please see How to Apply for a Passport on our Hollins Studio Abroad website. 

4. Research funding options for your study abroad experience

Study abroad doesn't have to break the bank! There are a plethora of funding opportunities available both through Hollins and through outside scholarships. Check out our Financing Study Abroad page on Hollins' Study Abroad, and keep a lookout for our monthly International Programs Newsletter on my.hollins which often will advertise scholarships available to students.